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Upholstery Cleaning

     There comes a point in every piece of furniture life where some cleaning is needed. At Steam Dry we take the utmost care with your textiles. Every single item that we clean is first thoroughly inspected. Not all furniture is made the same and not all materials were meant to be cleaned with water. With that said you don't want to trust your pieces with just some fly by night budget carpet cleaner. At Steam Dry we are familiar with just about every material that could possible be on your furniture and take every precaution necessary to ensure that your piece is not damaged in the cleaning process. Occasionally a test of the fabric will be performed in an inconspicuous spot to make absolutely sure of colorfastness as well as shrinking and stretching.

     Along with the upholstery in your home, we can also take care of the interior of all vehicles; RVs, Boats, Planes, Tanks....

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Redding Upholstery Cleaner Cleaning Shasta County Steam Dry

Upholstery Protection

     Upholstery receives most of its damage due to being in contact with oils from the skin. Regular cleaning helps with this dramatically. But fabric protection provides an invisible protection that repels oils and spills. Steam Dry is a big believer in applying fabric protection. The protection it provides is undeniable but it also assists in avoiding resoiling and wicking while the item is drying. Steam Dry always includes fabric protection in the bid, but if your budget won't allow it just ask the tech for a bid without it.

   Steam Dry uses products like DuPont Teflon Advanced, Scotchguard, and Dynaseal for Carpet and Fabric Protection and invite you to check out the links on our product page.

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