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Tile & Grout

Cleaning and Sealing

    Steam Dry added Tile and Grout cleaning/sealing in 2005. Since then the process has really taken off. The process uses the same truck-mounted system that is used for carpet cleaning and we always have our tile cleaning tools on hand so adding some T&G cleaning is never a problem at Steam Dry. We are also very glad to give you a demo, but be forewarned that after years of pushing the grime around with a mop, we can leave an extreamly clean spot on your floor or countertop.

Shasta County cleaners
Shasta County cleaners, Redding Tile Cleaners

   "There is some serious WOW factor involved in Tile and Grout cleaning. Most people have no idea how dirty their tile floors really are, and when they're cleaned the feeling can really only be summed up with one word... WoW!"


                                    -- Ian




Ian Smart, Steam Dry Carpet and Tile Cleaning

Tile and Grout Sealing

     Tile and Grout cleaning & sealing go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like peas and carrots. Like strawberries and sauerkraut...? Well you get the point. There just is not a better time to apply a sealer to your T&G then right after Steam Dry does a thorough cleaning. Period! 

Commercial Tile Cleaning

   Steam Dry is happy to work with businesses on designing a maintenance schedule around your off hours. Discounts for multiple cleanings on commercial accounts are available.

Our Process


  1. Vacuum floors

  2. Pre-treat entire floor with Detergent/De-greaser

  3. Scrub T&G in heavy traffic areas

  4. Using Turbo Hybrid T&G cleaning tool, powerwash floor with 240 degree solution at around 1000psi

  5. Wipe out corners and puddles

  6. Treat remaining stains

  7. Apply sealer

Stamped Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

     Have some stamped concrete in your kitchen and tired of looking at the grime in the texture? You just can't get a better clean than Steam Dry GUARANTEED! And once its cleaned we have multiple options for sealer from a wet shiny gloss finish to a natural stone you're sure to get the finish you're after.

Cool Deck

   Pressure washing can be very messy. You dont want to blow everything into your pool. Nor do you want to blow out your flower beds. Steam Dry uses a hard surface cleaning tool to pressure wash your deck, all while extracting the dirt and water at the same time. This means zero mess and an exceptionally clean deck.

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