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Steam Dry's 11 Step Process

You're thinking:  "11 Step Process? No way did the last guy have an 11 step process."  :)

3. Spot Treatment

Treating potential stains first with proper solutions will allow the best chance for extraction.

4. Pre Treatment

Treatment of soiled carpet is absolutely necessary to get carpets clean! We pretreat your entire carpet with a solution of enzymes, emulsifiers, surfactants, and de-greasers paying close attention to spots and dark traffic lanes.

5. Agitation

Agitation is applyed to problem areas with a carpet rake to assist in breaking down dirt and grime.

6. Furniture Moving

It is at this point we move and clean under your light furniture (couches, chairs, tables). We do not move heavy items such as entertainment centers, hutches, large TVs. We do ask that you prepare the areas to be moved beforehand by removing valubles, pictures, breakables. When through, furniture will be placed back on carpet on blocks to prevent furniture stains.

7. Extraction

Now that the enzymes have had time to work their magic on your carpet its time to bring the heat. Our truck-mounted cleaning units run at temperatures of 240 degrees that is guaranteed to light up any bacteria left in your carpet after the pre treatment. This all while being extracted by the biggest, baddest vacuum blower in Shasta Co. Nobody has more cleaning power than Steam Dry!

8. Deodorizer/Protectant


At Steam Dry we believe that clean carpet should smell good too. All carpet recieves a mild deodorizer. Carpet protection is also added at this point for a small charge.

9. Stain treatments

Any spots that remain are stains. Not all stains need the same solution. It is at this point we use our best judgement to guess what the stain was from and treat it accordingly.

10. Grooming

This is the final touch. By grooming your carpet with a carpet rake you set the pyle. This stands the carpet up allowing for better drying and nice soft fluffy carpet.

11. Final Inspection

This is where the tech and the homeowner go over the good, the bad, and the ugly. Occasionally there are issues that require a re-service. Read over the 30 Day Steam Dry Guarantee for exclusions.

1. Pre Inspection

Carpet shall be inspected by both the technician and home owner. Here we will go over expectations for problem areas as well as possible stain remedy options.

2. Vacuum

Vacuuming is an important part of the process. Steam Dry always vacuums, paying special attention to traffic patterns and edging.

The 11 step process is included on all Steam Dry's work unless otherwise negotiated. Steam Dry believes in this upfront way of pricing and does not believe in charging extra for these services. Look out for bait and switch companies that get you in for that low price only to find out that price doesnt include soap! :)

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