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Moving Out ?


     Are you moving out and need your deposit back? Steam Dry can help make that happen. One of the biggest mistakes tenants make is hiring a cut rate carpet cleaner. They do a blow and go job collect your money and then they are gone. No warranty. Next thing you know, spots are coming back, carpets are still wet 2 days later and guess what, your landlord says not good enough and you're stuck paying his cleaner too. Avoid this by calling Steam Dry 1st and have a nicer moving experience. Steam Dry has free estimates and we are happy to meet with you to discuss cleaning expectations and offer discounted move out prices. If we feel your carpet is beyond cleaning we will be upfront about that and recommend that the owner have their cleaner do the job. This will avoid you paying twice. If we feel your carpet is cleanable we will guarantee you will not lose your deposit.


   Steam Dry works closely with many landlords and property management companies. We provide discounted prices for empty units and with 2 full time truck-mounted vans we can usually fit a rental in within a day.

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