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Steam Dry Carpet Cleaning

Budget Special

Steam Dry wants you to clean your carpets often. And we understand that times can be tight. For this reason we have come up with the budget special. The budget special is a bare bones cleaning that does not include all of the 11 step process which allows us to offer you this service at a reduced rate.

What you get:

  • Steam Dry will pre-inspect your carpets with you and give reasonable expectations on all problem areas

  • Pre-treat stains with proper solution

  • Pre-spray entire carpet open area paying special attention to traffic patterns, spots, and stains

  • Add agitation to trouble areas to help break down tough dirt and grime

  • Extraction... 230 degree solution Unbelievable suction!

  • Deodorizer... clean carpets should smell great and Steam Dry doesn't believe in charging extra for this service

  • Stain removal: Any spots that remain after the cleaning are stains. At this point Steam Dry will apply the appropriate solution to reduce or possibly remove the stain. Most solutions take over night to fully activate. Steam Dry does not guarantee total stain removal and because of this we urge you to to contact us immediately when spills happen.

What is excluded:

  • Vacuuming; In order to receive the budget Special your carpets must be vacuumed prior to our arrival. Steam Dry will not run over carpet that needs to be vacuumed and a charge will be added.

  • The Budget Special does not include any furniture moving.

  • Grooming is not included with the budget special.

  • Other exclusions include but are not limited to:  pet stains, red stains, wax removal, gum, excessive stain removal, oil.

Rates :


 1. Up to 750 sq feet of carpet...............$ 180.00


 2. Up to 1200 sq feet of carpet............$ 325.00


 3. Up to 2000 sq feet of carpet...........$ 450.00

The Budget Special is an internet deal for new customers only. Its designed to let you meet us and see the kind of service we provide. Once you see the Steam Dry difference we're convinced that you won't want to go back to the fly by night discounted carpet cleaners.

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