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Pet Stains

Have pets? Chances are they will have an accident one day. But never fear, Steam Dry is ready with the best products and methods to remedy even the worst of problems. We have a list of options for all levels of contamination that we are happy to explain when you have us out to give you a free estimate.

Redding Carpet cleaners

Dont know where the problem is located?

No problem. Every van is equipped with a High Powered UV light and glasses that are designed to pinpoint the contamination. This process is critical to eliminating strong odors and Steam Dry includes this whenever a urine treatment is performed.



Steam Dry is committed to taking care of ALL your pet problems. Some urine contamination is too much to just clean and deoderize (ie: Rottwielers, Great Danes, Pet Orangutang, Uncle Joe)  and in these cases Steam Dry recommends restoration. The carpet pad needs to be removed and replaced. Sub floors need to be treated and sealed. Carpet needs to be thoroughly cleaned and both front and back sides need treated with a pairing agent to encapsulate any remaining odor causing bacteria.

Steam Dry is up to this challenge!

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