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Carpet and Fabric Protection

     Steam Dry highly recommends that you protect your carpet investment. Cleaning and vacuuming are not enough. By protecting your carpets you are committed to making your investment last. Spills are no match against a well protected carpet and on certain carpets will blot right up with a dry towel. If a spot remains never fear your protected on a microscopic level. Carpet protection gets in and seals the tiny scratches in the carpet fiber that traps dirt and stains so any spills that happen will be on the fiber not in it. This allows for a much easier cleaning keeping your carpets nicer longer. But even with protection we strongly urge you to contact Steam Dry ASAP with any accidents you have.

  Fabric protection on sofas and other furniture is mandatory. The oils from your skin are in constant  contact with your furniture and without protection you will allow those oils to penetrate the fibers and deteriorate your upholstery. Steam Dry offers fabric protection for all furniture at very reasonable prices.

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Steam Dry's commitment to Carpet and Fabric Protection :

    Steam Dry wants you to protect your investment so that your carpet and upholstery will stay clean for years to come. Steam Dry only uses the best products and we are so sure of our protection that if you have a spill within 30 days after your cleaning, Steam Dry will come remove the spot free of charge. That's the Steam Dry difference...

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